It’s finally official: we have the dates of the Settimana del Liscio 2022!
The most exciting and spectacular event of the Gatteo Mare Summer Village is back with a great news!

For the first time the Settimana del Liscio  will be in fact in Extra Large format: from Thursday, June 2 until the final evening of Friday, June 10!

There will be 9 days of music and shows typical of our beloved tradition of Romagna, with guests and events that will take place in full compliance with anti covid regulations.

Are you curious to know who will be the artists of the Settimana del Liscio – June 2022?
Here they are, announced by our Moreno il Biondo!

Roberta Cappelletti, Matteo Bensi, Andrea Barbanera, Anna Maria Allegretti, Rossella Ferrari and the Casanova, I Filadelfia, Diego Zamboni, Omar Lambertini, the Grande Evento orchestra, Frank David, David Pacini, Davide Salvi, Massimo Budriesi, and Claudio Zanardo!

The shows will take place every day in Piazza della Libertà from 21.30.

But it’s not over here! Our beloved event DOUBLES!
Here are the dates of the Settimana del Liscio in September 👉 From 10 to 16 September 2022!

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We look forward to seeing you in Gatteo Mare!